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Monday, February 22, 2010

"The Black Belles" Jack White's kids

Oh My God ! I fall in love them too much. Jack White's kid
Can you feel the guitars sound? 'The Black Belles' are emerge by Mr. Jack White
They are one of the band signed Jack White's  'Third Man Records' and debut video 'What Can I Do ?' 
Directed by Jack White It's great.

New video "Vampire Weekend "- "Giving Up The Gun"

New video for "Late Of The Pier" 'Best In The Class'



"Gaggle" the band from England crazy new band and very interesting.
I don't know background of them,but their video make me exciting and very interesting them too much.
God it's  strange and weird!!

Mission of Burma

 Mission of Burma is an American post-punk band formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1979.
Mission of Burma’s efforts are largely concerned with extending punk’s original vocabulary without losing its essential rebellious spirit. Using rapid shifts in dynamics, unconventional time signatures and chord progressions along with tape effects, Mission of Burma challenges the prevailing idioms of punk while attempting to retain its power and immediacy.lastfm

The Sound The Speed The Light rar

Great video Great song muse!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Curry & Coco


French electronic duo Curry & Coco
They are debut their EP "Sex Is Fashion" , the lead tracks 'Who’s Next' and 'Sex is Fashion' and now they have video for 'Who’s Next'

Girls let's post rock

 You Slut! - MyBloodyJesusExplorerOnFire
This video make me wanna see real post-rock girls like this.
Definitely cool!

Casiokids - En Vill Hest

Love dancing shot  so lovely
Music video for Casiokids
Director: Kristoffer Borgli

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It Might Get Loud (A documentary on the electric guitar)

Rarely can a film penetrate the glamorous surface of rock legends. It Might Get Loud tells the personal stories, in their own words, of three generations of electric guitar virtuosos The Edge (U2), Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), and Jack White (The White Stripes). It reveals how each developed his unique sound and style of playing favorite instruments, guitars both found and invented. Concentrating on the artists musical rebellion, traveling with him to influential locations, provoking rare discussion as to how and why he writes and plays, this film lets you witness intimate moments and hear new music from each artist. The movie revolves around a day when Jimmy Page, Jack White, and The Edge first met and sat down together to share their stories, teach and play.

Director: Davis Guggenheim
download (LoneLady - Nerve Up)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And So I Watch You From Afar


And So I Watch You From Afar(ASIWYFA)  Post rock band form Ireland

I really fall in love with this band the guitars sound so aggressive and their live acts really awesome you can see on "Set guitar to kill" video.
It's make me say oh my god lol .I stop to do anything when the sound begining .
They release debut album "And So I Watch You From Afar"  in 2009.
 Great album very recommend! and now they have new EP "The Letter" in 2010

download   And So I Watch You From Afar (2009) Must have!
download The Letter ep (2010)

Must see

The Futureheads - Making Of The Heatbeat Song Video

Touring heavily, the band are on such inspired form that they have found time to record their new album already.
The Futureheads have confirmed details of their new album, which they have titled 'The Chaos'.clashmusic

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Strokes 2010 Recording for next album

Part One of a series of behind-the-scenes looks at The Strokes recording their fourth LP. Filmed by the band members - narrated by Richard Priest The Strokes have released a 'behind the scenes'



Harlem trash punk rock band from Poland
Now they release second album "Hippies"

This song for first album "Free Drugs"

Debuy single from second album "Hippies" 2010

"Boom Boom Satellites" electronic rock duo from Japan

Happy Valentine's Day

Thursday, February 11, 2010

New video from Groove Armada.

Love drug girl on this video and Groove Armada is amazing duo.
New album out Fab 22 "Black Light"

"Jonsi" debut solo album "GO"


Jonsi singer from ' Sigur Ros' debut solo album  "GO"  out on April 6 .
'Go Do' is new video for 'GO' very sweet synthesis. Directed by Arni & Kinski

Jónsi - Go Do from Jónsi on Vimeo.

These New Puritans " Hidden"


After we listen "Beat Pyramid" on 2006 I wait for their new album and now they out on January 2010 "Hidden Album"  "We want War" is first single for debut this album

New song for new album "Dag for Dag"

New track for theirw new albom"BOO"

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Everything is made in China


EIMIC is a Russian three-piece post-rock band formed 2005 in Moscow from Russia.
The band's music has minimalistic melodies while experimenting widely with vocal, electronic and instrumental samples in a manner reminiscent of Sigur Rós. They sing in English, however, they do not accentuate on lyrics. Their first release "4" appeared in summer 2007 after being recorded at Chemical Sound Studios in Toronto, Ontario. Supported by an internet campaign this album received good critics and inchoated successful touring in Russia. Rolling Stone pronounced eimic to be the most promising Russian post-rock band. wiki
And now they have second album on 2009 "Automatic and Movements"

The Neat

The Neat post-punk band from London

What ''they'' say....

“Latter day Fall jostling with the XX Teens; the drums pound along mercilessly, while the sinewy guitar sounds like it’s been exhumed from 1979 and the dry staccato vocals stab mantras through the flailing body. Neat Neat Neat" - Steve Lamacq

''The Neat are one of the most exciting live bands in the UK. Capturing the essence of early Joy Division with the aggression and confidence of Public Image Ltd. or Gang of Four'' Subba

''Watch this space...this lot are one of the most exciting new bands around'' Artrocker Mag

"Its as snotty-as-a hooter-in-a-gale-force-wind agit post-punk by emaciated speed freaks" NME

Monday, February 8, 2010

Great Video "Oh No Ono- Swim"

Oh No Ono Swim from Adam Hashemi on Vimeo.

Love this video "The boy and The lust"
Great video Great content Great song  
Directed by Adam Hashemi
DP: Lasse Frank
Produced by Bacon

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Swirling Light (Shoegaze band from Thailand)

Swirling Light  shoegaze band from Thailand .They debut EP "The world is full of noise" at Fat Festival on November 2009 .I like their song a lot when I hear it first on their myspace very shoegaze and dark It's good. (have two song free download)

Dum Dum Girls


Dum Dum Girls will release their debut full-length on March 30th, 2010. Produced by Dee Dee and Richard Gottehrer (Strangeloves, Voidoids, Blondie, The Go-Gos and, more recently, The Raveonettes), I Will Be is neither lo-fi nor too polished. Just under thirty minutes with eleven songs, it’s a short tribute to love, loss, fun, fear and the classic pop form of the ’60s girl groups and early punk rockers. lastfm 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Demontre on stage with Vandini

Paolo Vandini Shoes 'On Stage With...Demontré' advertising campaign.
EARS and EYES demontre

1000 Robota


1000 Robota are a threepiece from Hamburg,Germany.Thats because the trio gained a following in Britain before anyone in Germany had taken notice of them. Just after the release of their debut single Hamburg brenntin 2008, the three young musicians played to sold out houses in London. Their brand of new wave punk with German lyrics struck a chord among British fans. The band now has big plans for 2009, including the release of a new album at the end of the year. 1000 Robota have received support from the music inititative set up by the German government and music industry.nme 

I love their accent it's very charming although I don't know what it's mean but I can feel energy of their sound  it's very aggressive and excited.

Introduce video

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


This my favorite band "TRYMYSHOES" the post-rock band from Thailand 
Label Finalkid Group
"Sun Then Moon"  is my favorite track it's make me dreamy.

Your heart feels over and over

Love red hair girl.
Drugs make you forgot oneself over and over.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Pan I Am

His project Edward Larrikin, formerly lead singer of Larrikin Love


This is my favorite band for a long time
Disconcert is the band from London.They formed on 2007.
I really like their guitar sound,and my favorite track is "Chance Remark"

Hey Light It Up!

This is new single from Blood Red Shoes
Taken from the album "Fire Like This"

Chapel Club

Chapel Club the new band from London
As Alan McGee notes today in his defence of Pink Floyd and prog, rash judgments are often foolish and received opinions frequently best dispatched. Not that there are many received opinions about Chapel Club because they're too new and not yet widely known, but we did make a foolishly rash judgment about them based on their November 2009 debut single Surfacing – a cover, give or take the odd lyrical addition and extraneous grungy guitar riff, of 1930s popular-music standard Dream a Little Dream of Me – which we heard once before Christmas and instantly dismissed as a pointless exercise. The foolishness of our judgment didn't become wholly apparent, however, until we played the band's next single, O Maybe I, not due out for another five weeks but already available to listen to on their MySpace.

Chapel Club - O Maybe I (Official Video) from Chapel Club on Vimeo.