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Monday, December 20, 2010

Hounds Of Hate

Hounds of Hate new wave electronic band from UK.
They’re lo-fi blend of acid house, dub and electronica that has seen them been dubbed as “soft-core screw house”. What ever that means.
“The aesthetic of a thousand bad hair cuts gone right. Jamz Karl Lagerfeld masturbates to. Invisible prisms. Empty perfume bottles. Dead B-boys. Thrash on ketamine. Backroom. Funeral after parties. Kate Moss’s ringtone. Mainstream minimal sci-fi. Cult documentaries. Cum Chapstick. Poisoned toothpaste. Scientology rituals. Arcade hall homicide. Dubstep on low battery. Deer tears and vodka. Airbase. Illegal hypnosis. Library rave. The shopping network on mute. Witch house. Magick. Landan.” lastfm

Video by Jayne Helliwell with Yuri Pattison

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