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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Parades - Loserspeak in New Tongue

For me It's hardly to like new face indie-rock band like this,maybe it's not exciting for me anymore,but this band can make me excite and interest.
Parades young rock band from Sydney.'Loserspeak in New Tongue' is very interesting song,melody it's very nice have smell of electronic pop, post-rock's guitar style,make them charming! They are very creative.
Music video truly great! I fall in love this song because of I see this music video.
Must see! Definitely  cool.
“Parades create their homely tunes in a garage in Sydney’s Northwest, but it might as
well be Iceland or the moon. They have an ethereal, expansive sound that is sweet and

Directed by by the Sams from Pharm productions

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