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Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Six Principles (english subtitle)

The Six Principles which were in the first declaration of People's Party in 1932 revolution which represent the promiss of People's Party to the people.It is more than the constitution which any government need to follow.
However,15 years later,Democracy has been decayed and 78 after that,people don't know the existence of the Six Principles anymore. 

Awesome video by Abhichon Rattanabhayon

I can't say anything after I watched this video ,I repeat this video again and again. This is very sad and complicated. Actually I have to watched this video for a long time ,but I not brave enough to share on my facebook because they will think I am a red-shirt and blame me for sure ,my friends my teacher ..... I am not red-shirt ,I just teenager who want to know the truth (the truth of Thai Politics).
Don't believe all this video and don't believe all news on TV. If you believe them you should do 50/50 ,they always concealed me.
What the fuck with my country!
Just see this and open you heart ,open your eyes ,open your ears.  
So sorry my english it's so suck ;)

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