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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Assajan Jakgawan (Experimental Band From Thailand)


Inspired and influenced by all of the rock eras from the past to present. From simplicity yet heavily like grunge sounds to the pure beauty of sounds. The band had composed many songs together from the past but due to everyone’s schedule that doesn’t often match, leaves many uncompleted songs. In 2005 the new bass player (bassist) who shared the same inspirations was found, thus the band continued on finishing the songs that were left undone , which leads to the band’s first gig called IDIOM hosted by SO::ON and now becoming SO::ON dry Flowers who pushed us for mini album “Assajan Jakgawan” in the late of 2006 ASSAJAN JAKGAWAN is a phrase saying how miracle this universe is. It expresses the feelings of inspirations to all surroundings within both happiness and suffering, all of its mistifications emphasizes how small we all are… “sometimes we admire chaos, we just want to create what we like to hear ignoring all the rules, cause we’re just people who plays music not musicians, we don’t have enough discipline to be one. 

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