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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


AИDYcøᴅᴇ is an alter-ego of André G. Mendes, musician, composer, songwriter and music producer. Predominantly of an electronic and ambient character, AИDYcøᴅᴇ has strong roots in alternative rock, electro and minimal tech. Mellow textures, dense atmospheres, glitched broken rhythms, sub-bass frequencies, words that more than stories are portraits of life.

He make me fall in love with his song too much ,I found 'The Glare' on youtube it's make me stop to do anything and attention to listen. This song became my favorite song suddenly.
I repeat this song many time ,it's perfectly and music video truly beautiful.
If this song is a women ,Adre G he can make one of the most beautiful women.

He released this project in September 2011. Album now available on ITunes. 
You can listen for free on his soundcloud ,I can say I like every song on his soundcloud and you'll wrong if you think all his songs the sounds will like 'The Glare' all track it's so differently.
Great one.

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