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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

ที่รัก : Eternity (Directed by Sivaroj Kongsakul)

(Eternity) is one of The most film I want to see  this month ,finally today I have to see this film!
this is very great they make me think about my first love it's very clean ,simple and real Thai traditional.
Director (Sivaroj Kongsakul) he write this script from eternity love about his family story and this is his first long film.
He said "why one die and one not foget ,why the real love is so eternity. 
Why their love in old traditional is so stable."
ที่รัก Eternity became my favorite film forever difinitely.
My dear.

(this pic is real his dad and mom)

Eternity follows a man through three stages of being - as a ghost wandering through his childhood home, as a young man falling in love with his future wife, and as an absence in the life of his surviving family in the days following his death.via pop-pictures-ltd

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