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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ryan Adams - Lucky Now

Finally He have to debut first music video for new album 'Asahes and Fire' ,last video 'Dirty Rain it's very charming and this single 'Lucky now' it's good too.
Ryan Adam he became slowly my favorite artist ,his songs very simple and easy make me falling in love his songs slowly ;) if you follow him you'll know he always do great cover actually I start to interest him when I hear he covered 'Wonderwall' that's fucking great cover That's make me begin to search his name on youtube for listen others songs and If you remember I was post 'Down In a Hole' in this blog he's covered Alice in chains that's song is very very fucking great covered ever had. I think he is the one of real artist and musician in my generation. Some music journalist say 'this album it's dissapointment and some say this album it's great' but whatever don't believe them you should decided when you have o heard this album. 
For me this album it's not bad and I truly like this album;)

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