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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bleeding Knees Club

I found this band from 'NME 10 track you have to hear this weak' I really like this track 'Have Fun' it's teenage sound,easy and fun,cute and insane lyric.I feel like when I listen 'Girl-lust for life' at first time.Their music video very simple life of teenagers with road trip really like it. ;) 'Bleeding Knees Club' is interesting new band they are indie,surf punk lo-fi duo form Australia. (Alex Wall - Drums/vocals, Jordan Malane - Guitar )They are two Aussie love with punk actually a lot of 1976 music,and they record thier music with lo-fi style sound like The White Stripes's first album,it so old,noise and charming.It's good to know they are produced by Devonte Hynes 'Ligthspeed champion' everyone know his style cute and a bit insane.They write lyric a lot about a bit creepy and insane of teenage life,let's check their ep on bandcamp
" I was so proud and I was so high I was so loud and I could die and I I I think I lost my mind "

They are my new favorite band actually!

Directed by Kai Neville

"This duo doen't rock as hard or heavy as Black Keys, but there's a ramshackle quality you might like."

“A lot has happened. I don’t think we ever could have really expected it, so we are pretty surprised by the whole situation” says Alex, “I had just finished uni and the last thing I was thinking about doing was being in a band.” Being a Triple J featured artist, touring with the Big Day Out and having their song “Have Fun” on the Myer Miss Shop national ad still hasn’t changed the boys. “We don’t really like playing on big stages that much,” says Alex when asked about the big festival shows, “I’d rather just play on the floor every show. Playing at home is the best cause all our friends come and it usually gets pretty crazy. We know we will have a good crowd.” Interview by Kim Larkin (duckduzz)

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