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Monday, May 16, 2011

CREEP: You [ft. Nina Sky]

Director: Thalia Mavros
Cinematographer/Editor: Danilo Parra
Associate Producer: Danny Scales
Visual FX: Giuseppe Furcolo
Make-up: Alejandro Calvani
PAs: Eric Frankel, Elise Carlson

Creep brooklyn duo have new single 'You' ft. 'Nina Sky' R&B dance duo twins,love their new look with short hair and tattoo).This video very minimal and creative,good make up for chage video's color for black and white.The sounds very darkness and chilling.Nina Sky their voice is really shining.Love the facing scene on this video,creativity and beautiful.I think now 'Creep' is one of interesting new band in this year,they have identity of thier stye,electronic gothic .Love them.

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