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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


'NUMBER GIRL' they are from Japan.This band make me feel like I found a great treasure ( yes I say it) I just happen to watch their video on youtube,they make me shock because their sound is fucking awesomeThe first song I found on youtube is ' URBAN GUITAR SAYONARA' very great track it make me think of Sonic Youth and make me very excited.I click next their video and next and next,every song are great make me surprise everytime when I watch next video because they are have many genre all of their sound.I can't explain what are their genre,they are alternative,post hardcore,punk rock ! that make me like them.Leader singer his look very nerdy, but music not nerd anymore.

Japanese music journalist say they are one of the biggest and most influential bands of the Japanese indie rock, and i agree with them.They formed in 1995 in Fukuoka City, Japan.They released first album 'School Girl Bye Bye' in 1997.Number Girl  they was produced by Dave Fridmann,he is Flaming Lips's producer.Truly sad to know they are quit the band in 2002.

School Girl Bye Bye (January 20, 1999)
School Girl Distortional Addict (July 23, 1999)
Shibuya ROCKTRANSFORMED Joutai (December 16, 1999)
SAPPUKEI (July 19, 2000)
NUM-HEAVYMETALLIC (April 26, 2002)
Sapporo OMOIDE IN MY HEAD Joutai (January 29, 2003)
Omoide In My Head 1: Best & B-Sides (March 2, 2005)
Omoide In My Head 2: Kiroku Series 1 (June 22, 2005)
Omoide In My Head 2: Kiroku Series 2 June 22, 2005)
Omoide In My Head 4: Maruchin NG & Rare Tracks (December 14, 2005)
 (via wikipedia)

fantastic,very recommend!
please click other video on youtube,you'll know why this band make me crazy.

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